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The Power of a smile became the genesis of Global Paws For Peace when Dr. Teresa Hazelwood, knownaround the globe as Dr. Harmony-found herself emotionally hitting an all-time low, what she refers toas her; “dark night of the soul.” She noticed that onthe days that she ran with her Stafforshire BullTerrier Champp, he always had a way of putting a smile on everyone’s facethis dog that was supposedto be so scary!

People always want to know what kind of dog he is and we frequently heard comments
like,“Dude, that is one good looking dog.”

Because she was not at a happy place in her life at that time,she experienced first-hand what it felt like to step outside of her own sad emotions and how she couldalso, like Champp, affect another human being in apositive way. Running with Champp became sorewarding and gratifying that she began to smile, even on the inside. 

It was her observations during thistime that she began to notice other’s response to Champp’s magnetic smile, it gave her the idea ofstarting a 100-Day Smile Challenge! She also wanted people to stop judging her dog by his breed and sheknew that this would help make it happen. So, together they set a goal to run 100 days in a row.

Whenever anyone paid special attention to Champp and he made someone smile, they would stop thatperson, gently educate that person about his breed, and then post that person’s picture with Champp,on Champp’s social media page. Not in her wildest dreams could she have imagined the impact thisgesture would make around the world! In no time their smiling challenge was picked up and re-postedby several leading dog magazines around the world and like an overnight super star, Champp Avalon,her 32 lb fur-baby became known for his smile and started making people around the globe smile whilethey tracked this smiling challenge.

To this day Dr. Hazelwood is floored at the way in which the smallseed of an idea and the simple gesture of making another person smile, could create bully-breedawareness and change her life in the process. She began to realize that she had much more to learnfrom this dog. This set her on another mission and created a passion that she could never have dreamedpossible on her own. She began to read story after story of dogs being euthanized only because of theirbreed. She found this to be similar to the way we judge each other as human beings, which only causesdiscrimination and division within society. The story of Lennox the “pit bull” from Ireland, who waseuthanized for merely looking like a pit bull, really struck a chord. Dr. Harmony knew she wanted toeducate people and become the voice of these innocent creatures that are nothing more than areflection of the Divine who demonstrated the Christ-like characteristics of humanity. This processhadinspired her so much by this point that she became the founder of this non-profit organization, GlobalPaws For Peace, an organization dedicated to creating unity among all breeds and she supports rescueorganizations that allows the pulling dogs fromdeath row and place them in foster homes. Yes, youmight say that she is on a mission to live up to her nickname of the “Mother Teresa of Canines!”


Global Paws For Peace, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is sponsoring a Global Canine Peace Movement, sending a global message in representation of Peace and Unity amongst all breeds, animals and humans alike.

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