Our Mission
Global Paws For Peace, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is sponsoring a Global Canine Peace Movement, sending a global message in representation of Peace and Unity amongst all breeds, animals and humans alike. We have chosen to commensurate this Global Canine Peace Movement in honor of Lennox the Pitbull from Ireland whom was euthanized for merely resembling a Pitbull. It is our mission for all canines around the globe to participate in this monumental act to collectively spread a mass exemplary message; one of Peace and Unity which is represented by wearing The Peace Collar.

  Our Message
The message of Global Paws For Peace is to create Unity amongst all breeds and increase awareness about breed specific prejudice. Our hope is that by setting positive examples of a proactive approach that collectively as a whole and on a global scale, that this action will produce a great awareness and sends a Universal message representing Global Canine Peace and Unity which could just put an end to (BSL) Breed Specific Legislation. This peace project is a way to create a global united front producing freedom of all and with the hopes to change the lives of canines in the masses. We believe that if we want to see change in the world that we first must become the change we want to see in the world and by helping to change an individual’s prejudice mindset it could just change the mindset of the world and in the process we are expanding the consciousness of pet lovers and dog owners on a personal level which quite possibly could change the world!


Annual Event – In Honor of Lennox the Pitbull
4/1/2005 – 7/11/2012


The Collar
The Peace Collars represent unification and are to be worn by canines during the month of July on an annual basis.  During this time we also remember Lennox the Pitbull who crossed the rainbow bridge before his time. He paved the path for many others to use his misfortune as a way to educate against breed specific prejudice. This makes him a hero, so these collars are to be worn in his honor.  The color of the collar is electric blue with our Global Paws For Peace logo imprinted on them.  Blue represents sky, sea and is associated with depth and stability. It also stands for trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and truth. We chose this color, along with our logo to send out a Universal message signifying we are all one.

The Proceeds
This Global Canine Peace Movement is currently one of Global Paws For Peace's primary fundraisers and 100% of what is made from this fundraiser (minus cost of the collar/packaging, shipping) goes directly into the mission of Global Paws For Peace and proceeds will be used to help fund our programs, rescues and other canine organizations to include: Canine Epilepsy in memory of Ruger the Staffy From Australia and New Leash On Life which has a primary goal of rescuing dogs from death row. We also  support financial means for transportation of all animals to their forever homes, place them in non-kill shelters or fosters. Other programs we support include Castles 4 Canines which provide dog houses to outdoor dogs in the community that are in need of shelter. We also offer veterinary care got animals in need and have a vision to start a food pantry. As these funds continue to grow we will expand our support by helping all dogs and animals in need.

Peace Collars

Free Shipping for USA & Domestic Territories

Shipping rates for International

One Size Fits All
Fits: 13 3/4” – 20” Width: ¾ inch
Color: Electric Blue

*Polyester with sublimated
dye imprint
Peace Collars to Be Worn During
Month of July