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Champp Avalon is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, known globally for his “Staffy” smile and for being the dogbehind the “100-Day Smile Challenge” that garnered him followers from all over the world and notorietyfrom dog magazines from across the globe.Champp has teamed up with his Momma (also known as Dr. Teresa Hazelwood, aka: Dr. Harmony and the “Mother Teresa of Canines”) to write the soon-to-be-released book, Life of a Champp: 8 Tricks forHappier Humans.

Champp’s near death exper
ience at birth equipped him with the determination tomake a difference in this world. 

Born a runt, the size of your thumb, he was told he would nevermeasure up to his champion blood line and become breed standardbut, he has beaten the odds!Champp isa big Spirit in a little body who overcame his adversities and wants to show othersespecially two-leggeds like his Mommahow they can, too! Champp is on a mission to educate andinspire others to stop judging a book by its cover. 

By following his exam
ples and learning the 8 Tricks forHappier Humans, Champp says you can “bury your bones” and release your acquired belief patterns.You can live in Pooch Time Consciousness, also known as the Now. You can “sniff it out” and learn totrust your instincts. You can even learn to balance on three legs! Champp wants to help others live the"Life of a Champp" and bring love, peace, harmony and joy into their souls. Champp wants two-leggedsto learn to be happy “on purpose” by connecting to their own soul’s purpose.And like his Momma, he, too, believes in paying it forward and has taken on the role of mascot forGlobal Paws For Peace, an organization on a mission to create awareness and unity among all breeds,animals and humans alike.


Global Paws For Peace, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is sponsoring a Global Canine Peace Movement, sending a global message in representation of Peace and Unity amongst all breeds, animals and humans alike.

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