About The Founder

Dr. Harmony, aka:The “Mother Teresa of Canines” is an advocate for all canines and she is on a mission to create bully breed awareness, producing peace, freedom and justice – The inspiration for Dr. Harmony’s passionate work comes from her Staffordshire Bull Terrier and soulmate, Champp Avalon, who taught Dr. Harmony how to break out of her depression and spiritual coma and become the person she always dreamed of being. Together they are writing a book called: “Life of a Champp” - 8 Tricks for Happier Humans. And they teach these tricks – right from the heart – making humans around the world “sit” for a treat that becomes a life changing reward! Dr. Harmony believes in “paying it forward” so she started Global Paws For Peace after experiencing first-hand what it felt like to step outside her own sad emotions and life challenges and by doing so she received her own life changing rewards that her four legged fur-friend taught her during their 100 Day’s Smile Challenge; where they set a goal to make 100 people smile in 100 days. It was through the power of making other people smile as they noticed her smiling staffy that has helped to shift Dr. Harmony into alignment with her own soul’s purpose and she has created a life coaching program teaching obedience training for humans where Champp is the metaphor and has become the mascot of her program. It has been her own transformation that has ignited such a deep passion for not only her own fur-friend but she has been paying of forward to other canines and creating awareness ever since!