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Dr. Harmony, aka:The “Mother Teresa of Canines” is an advocate for all canines and she is on a missionto create bully breed awareness, producing peace, freedom and justiceThe inspiration for Dr.Harmony’s passionate work comes from her Staffordshire Bull Terrier and soulmate, Champp Avalon,who taught Dr. Harmony how to break out of her depression and spiritual coma and become the personshe always dreamed of being.

Together they are writing a book called: “Life of a Champp”
-8 Tricks forHappier Humans. And they teachthese tricksright from the heartmaking humans around the world“sit” for a treat that becomes a life changing reward! 

Dr. Harmony believes in “paying it forward” so shestarted Global Paws For Peace after experiencing first-hand what it felt like tostep outside her own sademotions and life challenges and by doing so she received her own life changing rewards that her fourlegged fur-friend taught her during their 100 Day’s Smile Challenge; where they set a goal to make 100people smile in 100 days.

It was through the power of making other people smile as they noticed hersmiling staffy that has helped to shift Dr. Harmony into alignment with her own soul’s purpose and shehas created a life coaching program teaching obedience training for humans where Champp is themetaphor and has become the mascot of her program. It has been her own transformation that hasignited such a deep passion for not only her own fur-friend but she has been paying of forward to othercanines and creating awareness ever since!



Edna Roberts

Edna has always had a love for dogs and animals. Several years ago, she and her husband sold theirhome and moved to an area that allowed them to house their 6 Labrador Retrievers. It was nearly sixyears ago when her life forever changed. You might say a four legged angel entered her life. She found astray pit mix that was in need and she cared for him thinking she would find his owner, what she didn’trealize at the time, is that this angel, she calls Blade actually foundher. Her love for this dog ignited aspark that already existed inside her soul and she began training with him and gaining her ownunderstanding of the bully breed dog. It was through this her deep bond and connection with Blade thatsent her on a missionthat has not only forever changed her life; but the lives of so many other fourlegged fur animals that always seem to have a Divine way of finding their way into her life.

Since that
time all of her labs, which lived long and happy lives, have crossed the rainbow bridge. All except onethat is now elderly whom she still deeply loves and takes care of because she took a vow to take care ofhim in sickness and in health. Over the last six years, she has now come to love and own 5 Pit Bulls and 1American Staffordshire. Her passion and drive for helping to support not only her own fur children butfor the lives of so many. She has become known as the “Angel Dog Lady” and she has devoted her life24/7 to doing whatever it takes to not only keep dogs off deathrow but also to offer medical support,food and warm housing to dogs in our communities. She also transports animals to wherever isnecessary to make sure that an animal is safe, sound and feels loved and wanted. She is founder of NewLeash For Life Rescueand serves on the board for Global Paws For Peace.

Sheryl Guffey

Global Paws For Peace is proud to announce board member Sheryl Guffey, who has a long history ofserving on many boards and spent many years as a board member at Five Acres Animal Shelter, here inour area. She has a Master’s degree in Non Profit Administration, as well as, a MBA. Sheryl also hasextensive experience in grant underwriting which is a huge asset for our organization. Her expertisehelps to provide support and assistance fororganization strategies for our multiple programs andupcoming grants that Global Paws For Peace will be offering.

In addition to her non for profit, she has a
huge heart and deep love for dogs and animals. Sheryl was very ill and going through many life changingchallenges a few years ago and her dog stayed in bed and helped take care of her on every level;emotionally, spiritually and energetically. The deep connection Sheryl felt with her dog during thisdifficult time is what helped to pull her throughher illness and got her back to living and loving lifeagain.

The enlightenment she gained coming out on the other side was health and happiness and it has
fueled her soul because she moved to a home on 30 acres in order to become a foster for dogs in need.Since that time Sheryl has fostered more than 100 dogs and gained the title of the “Litter BabyMomma.” She has fostered multiple litters that have needed tender loving care and she has personallynursed many puppies that have needed special attention during their first few weeks of life.

Sheryl is
also certified to train dogs for emotional therapy. She is a beautiful soul that has joined Global Paws ForPeace to be of service for the love of the cause.


Global Paws For Peace, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is sponsoring a Global Canine Peace Movement, sending a global message in representation of Peace and Unity amongst all breeds, animals and humans alike.

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